(the key phase) ...

  • Working with clients, we strive to fully understand their requirements and timeframes.

  • We check for any airspace restrictions or No-Fly zones near the client location.

  • We put together a detailed operating plan showing expected timings for each stage, agree relevant site access and provide safety information for effected personnel.

(the fun phase) ...

  • This is where we execute the plan (UK weather permitting!)

  • We check the equipment is working safely and correctly.

  • We carry out a full safety briefing for relevant parties.

  • We fly the drone (within the legal limits) producing video footage and any relevant photos.

  • At regular intervals we review the footage to ensure it fulfills the client requirements.

(the delight phase) ...

  • This is where we get to do the editing/post processing of the video or photos.

  • We can add any client graphic or logos together with music or commentary if required.

  • Then we produce the final version of the video/photos in the client's required format.

  • We then hope for a smile on the client's face when they see the end product.

(Let's Replay) ...

(Let's Capture) ...